Project summary

The China EU Future City Project (CEFC) is aimed to create a low-carbon and sustainable city with high-tech European industries which are related to industry 4.0, sustainable urbanization and life science on a total land area of 4 sqkm. The Project is developed by Huan De Group which is the development brand of Euro Sino Invest Group in China. CEFC will be developed into one of the most important platform for the exchange between China and Europe with a show-case on low-carbon technology and concept.

Project background:

The CEFC project is the pilot project in China under the framework of Joint Declaration on Establishing EU-China Urbanization Partnership signed in 2012 on EU-China Urbanisation Partnership Forum  by Premier LI Keqiang and President of the European Commission J.M. Barroso.

Thanks to the support of Municipal Mayor XU Qin and CCUD of NDRC, Shenzhen was chosen to realize the CEFC Project. On 2015 EU China Urbanisation Partnership Forum in Brussels, the Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation of CEFC was signed under the witness of bilateral leaders.

2016 April 8th, Party Secretary Feng of Longgang District signed an agreement on CEFC project with Tucher & Schmied Office (T&S) for the development of the project and  T&S’s EU partners for the promotion of the  project.

Development mode:

Huan De Group, which is a development company under Tucher & Schmied Family office and the only German real estate developer in China. Working together with its partners, HD Group will  develop the project into 4 zones plus Starting area – Huan De City. European standard service zone and industrial parks, including sustainable urbanization park, Life science park, Industrial 4.0 and business center, as well as  production base for such 3 fields..

Project planning:

The China EU Future City Pilot Project is located in Liulian community, the northeastern part of Shenzhen International Low Carbon City, with a total land size of 456.49 hectares  among which the construction land is 409.41 hectare and the planned construction area is  around 7 million sqm.


  • 1st phase – Huan De City:
    Site Area: 368.167 sqm
  • Zone A: 4.0 Business and Production Center:
    Site Area: 1.036.098 sqm
  • Zone B: Life Science Park
    Site Area: 1.030.086 sqm
  • Zone C: Sustainable Urban Park
    Site Area: 1.036.098 sqm
  • Zone D: Production Base
    Site Area: 1.095.421 sqm