Shenzhen International Low Carbon City(SZILCC)
  • SZILCC is located at in Longgang district, northeast of Shenzhen, bordering Dongguan and Huizhou city.
  • ILCC is was initiated as a flagship project for cooperation on sustainable urbanisation between China and EU, with a total area of 53km2, including 1km2 of start-up zone and 5km2 expansion zone.
  • The development at the moment is relatively low, and intensity of carbon discharge is high, the area built accounts for above 60% of the land for construction.
  • SZILCC aims to build comprehensive test zone for the national development of low-carbon and realize great-leap-forward development of lagging areas through urban planning of integration of industries and the city, and low-carbon green development of urban management and pooling-of-interest under the constraint of carbon index, discovering and demonstrating reproducible and applicable path of low carbon development in new urbanisation.

Under the constraint of carbon index , developing SUP in low carbon city is a necessary course to take for the city urbanisation and transformation.


The total GFA of ILCC is 61.78 million sqm,with large constructed area to be replanned and renovated.