Benefits for China and Shenzhen
  • Improve China’s sustainable construction quality.
  • Bring European advanced technology to China.
  • Create an opportunity to boost European soft expertise into China.
  • Develop a tailor-made approach to adapt sustainable technologies to Chinese local conditions and environment.
  • In line with Shenzhen’s vision of building into a international low carbon city(ILCC) through introducing low-carbon and other green technologies.
  • Facilitate the ILCC’s aim of achieving urban plan model of city-industry integration, urban management under the constraint of carbon index and realizing green and great-leap-forward development of International Low Carbon City area.
Benefits for the EU
  • Create a remarkable opportunity to boost European business activities in China and to help them take part in the urbanisation market.
  • Give European companies the chance to enter the market with their first projects and offer the space to showcase and sell their products in a “safe” way.
  •  Give European companies the chance to transform from the mode of equipment-exportation to a local production mode.