• European Union Delegation to China (EU Delegation)
    EU Delegation is the governmental body of the EU in China. It gives the necessary political support to the CEFC project under the Partnership.

  • European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC)
    EUCCC is the European Chamber of Commerce in China. It is responsible for establishing the EU-China Sustainable Urbanisation Business Council and support the CEFC project .

  • City of Shenzhen
    It is one of the four top-tier cities as well as China’s first and the most successful Special Economic Zone. As one of the best show case cities for an urbanisation study the CEFC project will be built in Shenzhen International Low Carbon City.

  • European Union Sustainable Urbanisation Association (EUSUA)
    Was established in 2012 under the umbrella of EU-China Urbanisation Partnership and is an international alliance.

  • Huan De Group
    Huan De Group is acting as the developer of the project. HD is in charge for the whole development from the investment process through construction to sales. You can contact us via: info@eurosinoinvest.com