With this partnership the EU and China will benefit a lot:

  • Reduction of environmental damage all over the world because of the large scale effect of a sustainable urbanisation;
  • Create a remarkable opportunity to boost European business activities in China;
  • Bring European advanced technology to China;
  • Boost European soft expertise coming to China;
  • Develop strategies and policies relevant to the development of urbanisation;
  • Boost the sustainable development of an urban industrial economy;
  • Optimize the urban public services system;
  • Optimize the urban infrastructure investment and financing mechanisms;
  • Improve urban housing supply system and patterns;
  • Optimize the urban energy supply and demand management;
  • Give more concern on urban mobility, public transport and smart transport;
  • Construct more urban green buildings;
  • Advanced urban ecological protection, environmental protection and treatment;
  • Protect urban historical and cultural features and formation of urban landscape;
  • Develop urban-rural integration measurement;
  •  Cultivate more talents for urbanisation development.