At the 14th EU-China Summit held in February 2012 in Beijing, Premier Wen Jiabao and the EU leaders announced the establishment of the EU-China Partnership on Urbanisation, which aims at promoting exchanges and cooperation in a wide range of sustainable urban developments.

On 3rd of May 2012, the Partnership on Urbanisation was further deepened with the signature of a joint declaration between Vice Premier Li Keqiang and President of the European Commission José Mauel Barroso.

The launch of the EU-China Partnership on Urbanisation has added a practical and dynamic new element into EU-China relations. Given the array of challenges they face in adapting to the “urban century”, China and Europe have a strong interest in working together to build better cities. It will offer a natural framework for concerted actions. The political initiative should also constitute a platform for member states to leverage their existing and future actions in the field of urbanisation in China.

The Stakeholders