The partnership is aimed at tackling challenges together through cooperative efforts between stakeholders at all appropriate levels, including national, regional and local levels; Support China on its path towards a sustainable urbanisation and harmonious society according to the 12th Five-Year Plan; Facilitate the exposure and access of Chinese decision-makers to the European expertise and technologies.

The partnership is aimed to highlight and optimize the following issues:

  • Strategies and policies relevant to the development of urbanisation;
  • Spatial distribution of urbanisation;
  • Sustainable development of urban industrial economy;
  • Urban public services system;
  • Urban infrastructure investment and financing mechanisms;
  • Urban housing supply system and patterns;
  • Urban energy supply and demand management;
  • Urban mobility, public transport and smart transport;
  • Urban green buildings;
  • Urban ecological protection, environmental protection and treatment;
  • Protection of urban historical and cultural features and formation of urban landscape;
  • Urban governance;
  • Urban-rural integrated development;
  • Exchanges and discussions as well as personnel training on urbanisation development.